Making, Maturing, and Mobilising committed followers of Jesus.

From the Pastor’s Desk

What is the church? We are the church! To be church and to join the church is all about Jesus. The church is in a close unity with Jesus and is like a bride and a Groom (Ephesians 5). Jesus loves the church and Jesus is building His church, Matthew 16:18, and He expects us to be as His co-workers, 1 Cor. 3:9, to be busy with Him and His Word and Spirit, in His household.

 Our Lord is honoured if His church follows Him in obedience and lives in unity with one another through His Word and Spirit.  All our work should start with Jesus. He is the Head of His church, and we are His body. In Ephesians 4 we read: “There is one body and one Spirit.”

The church is one body, a unity, and made up of many parts, with only One head, Jesus, who governs His Church with His Word and Spirit, and this body is made up of many parts, and they are all equally important.

Unity with others is “good” and “pleasant” (Psalm 133:1). Unity is essential because the church is the “body of Christ” (1 Corinthians 12:27), and a body cannot be in disunity or disharmony with itself. If disunity occurs, it essentially ceases to be a body and becomes a disjointed group of individuals.

 Jesus’ plan for His church is His people unified in faith. Through the Holy Spirit, we experience the miracle that believers can still today recognize Christ as their Lord and their God, and can be part of God’s congregation, and share in His gifts in the up building of the whole congregation.

A church full of people enjoying their “common salvation in Jesus” will be a true, biblical church unified in faith, unified in love, and earnestly contending for, the “the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3).

I want to conclude; we still need to come church every Sunday in 2019.  Why? Jesus loves us and we love Jesus through His Spirit in true faith. And because we love Him, we are building His church, by equipping the saints so that we will all one day be mature to the fullness of Christ.

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